3 reasons you should recondition steel or plastic drums

Did you know that reconditioning steel or plastic drums is a recycling process that extends the life of drums? Not only will you get a polished drum that looks new, there are also 5 other advantages for reconditioning your drums.

1. Reconditioned drums are cost effective and cheaper than a new drum by approximately 28%.

Steel drums (bung type)

Reconditioning Process


Collection & Holding of drums 
Pre-condition process checking


Removal of Residue
 Removal of Label Stickers


Interior & Exterior Wash


Exterior Paint Coat (with clients’ desired colours)


Final Inspection

When you recondition a drum, the interior and exterior is cleaned thoroughly by our highly specialized machine. Next, use vacuum to ensure residue is cleaned out so you can safely use your drums after our reconditioning process. After that, a fresh coat of paint is added to deliver a beautiful shine that looks as good as new. Due to the less energy intensive process, it is a lot cheaper to recondition a drum than energy intensive process of manufacturing a new drum. At Jurong Barrels, we are further able to pass on these cost savings to our customers without compromising on our service and quality.

2. Reconditioning of drums maximizes its lifecycle and lowers your packaging costs as the material is recyclable.


Steel drums that are in good condition can be reconditioned indefinitely due to the high recyclability of steel. Additionally, it can also be recycled over and over again without a loss of quality. These abilities make the reconditioning process key in closing the loop and contributing to the circular economy. Overtime, customers get substantial savings reusing their drums with our reconditioning process. They also benefit from having a stable inventory of drums without having container or packaging shortages.

3. Reconditioned drums saves approximately 68% of carbon emissions compared to a new drum and reduces carbon footprint contribution.


Whenever a new drum is created, it goes through an energy consuming process that ends up using a lot of carbon. In the lifecycle analysis by EY in 2014, carbon emissions for manufacturing a new drum is measured compared to the entire reconditioning process. Across all categories, a significant 68% reduction when customers choose to recondition their drums. 

While it depends on the current state of your steel and drums, we highly encourage you to try reconditioning as it benefits both your business and environment. Our specialized staff will also be able to advise you further upon checking your drums and provide you the only the highest quality to meet your needs.

Ready to recondition your plastic or steel drums with us?

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